Contract is counter intuitive to the class design

This one in particular is at odds with sharpshooter, where you are often asked to melee foes… including scabs, so a class which in one of it’s build is basically meant to stay at range, is being asked to kill 1000 or 750 foes in melee?

What? who designed these contract objectives?

And I don’t understand why these contracts can’t be used to promote ppl to play as a team.
I am seeing plenty of new players or even beta players who already max out, and they had not the slightest concern for their team, full ammo? take everything… health? same

I have a medpack and my team is dying? shrug…

Like, sure… a good chunk of ppl online are just like that (it’s online multiplayer, hasn’t really changed for decades), but some newer players genuinely don’t really understand and come to grip yet that this is a team game, and there’s NOTHING in the game to promote that or explain it to them either so it’s not entirely their fault.

Why can’t this contract be used to guide them to be a better team player?
Saving ppl from being jumped by the hounds? Reward them…
Ppl deploying medpacks where it can heal their team? Reward them…
Reviving your team mate? Reward them…

instead of asking the sharpshooter to melee 1000 foes…

Like… why???

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I beleive that the the “kill X things in mele or distance” is accounted for the whole team as the number don’t make sens for range filled when I’m playing zealot or ogryn.

also, in game there are many relark from the caracter when you play selfishly by grabbing all the amo and heal.

But I agree that the psychanium could make it clearer.

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I can confirm that, I dinged few of these without actually killing mobs