Constantly crashing after upgrading to i7-12700K

Hi there,

Since 2 days I have been constantly crashing while playing the game. It was always fine before hand.

Is there a known issue with Alder Lake CPU’s?

I have provided console logs.

Thanks in advance!

console-2022-01-05-22.15.48-c25f1266-3d2c-4929-80e2-4c703ed7ae9e.log (941.9 KB)
console-2022-01-05-21.42.59-94ac1ca5-a073-478c-b16b-82ea51c95556.log (1.5 MB)
console-2022-01-05-22.09.00-c00219dd-a06b-47c2-8145-398e7c89a67c.log (456.3 KB)

It looks like you might have ASUS Aura Sync running, or something similar, is that right? Could you try disabling it prior to launching Vermintide 2?

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