Constant massive frame drops

Issue Summary:Hello, this problem also holds for the regular non beta version but as to the fact that I am using the beta version while troubleshooting it i thought that I might as well post it like so

I have a pretty old PC but in no shape or form it is weak, I am running a 980 TI and a i7-3770 processor 3.40 ghz, 3.90 mgz max on turbo

but no matter which map I play on and on which settings I use, the game freezes and shudders in a way that is unplayable, the frames drop so much I miss everything that is happening at the moment that it happens and it happens almost constantly once it starts, it can be fine for a game or two and then it start to occur and when it start it doesn’t stop, even restarting my PC doesn’t help

I tried to use the lowest setting possible and it still happens, there is not one game session where I can play without massive frame drops, I even shut off shadows completely and it is still happening

this problem did not use to happen to me when I purchased the game, I came back after a long while and even bought your DLC, this is unacceptable because I just cant play, I need to leave every game I join because it is not fair to the people I am playing with

Please help me I don’t know what to try anymore, any input will be appreciated

Thank you in advance

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Often (< 75%)

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I’ve been trying to get this fixed for ages now. A Dev was even looking into it for us at one point. There are dozens of threads about this and it seems to randomly get triggered for absolutely no reason with their patches. My wife had the same issue for around a month, then the summer solstice patch fixed it for her. The big quest update with orki’s challenges fixed it for my mate. The DLC is what caused it to trigger for me, it was fixed for me until the new balance beta patch when it was triggered again. The Devs don’t seem to have any idea what’s causing it at this point.

In order to fix it, switch the game to DX11 and that will stop the screen freezes. But you will still get really bad FPS during hordes.

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And another Nvidia card, ~30 : 0 now

Switching to AMD will most likely fix it. :money_mouth_face:

Nope, in early stages game ran superb on R9 290X, then after 1.0.7.x update, I got immense unplayable stutters. Had 140fps average between hordes, 60fps during, yet it felt like 15 fps during hordes. Nothing helped, not even reinstalling OS and everything.
EDIT: I stopped playing this game couple of months back. Technical issues, every update they rolled out, it further degraded my performance. Game started crashing and people disconnecting from me. AI enemies were flying in the air, I got many ‘‘phantom hits from nowhere’’ my internet is 100/100 Optical, connected via Cable, yet I had such crazy lags playing with a friend from the same town, like he was from another continent. He could not even play for first half a year, because he was crashing. Once he could run it, I started crashing out. Unbelievable.
From superb fighting fluency, and awesome gameplay experience, to unplayable horse manure in just a few patches.


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