Constant Backend Error: CANNOT_RESOLVE_HOST crashing

Purchased the game and all DLC today and I’m unable to play the game. I’ve crashed multiple times randomly. First whilst playing through the tutorial for less than 5 minutes. Second, hosting a multiplayer lobby and loading the mission. Lastly, when simply launching the game.
I’ve tried the ‘DNS fix’, reverifying game cache. It’s extremely frustrating spending money on a game I can’t play for more than 5 minutes w.o crashing (when it will launch!)
console-2019-06-06-07.51.08-1792ab1f-5d80-4cc6-b634-661d4c2ac0a1.log (38.3 KB)
console-2019-06-06-07.52.12-2212b2a9-8a19-4df0-a6e4-0b097ef2c907.log (114.5 KB)
console-2019-06-06-08.01.46-16e6f13d-a5c6-48fd-a610-2eaa1a920e42.log (267.3 KB)
console-2019-06-06-08.24.19-6547b747-3611-42a3-8ada-fd028f50559f.log (34.4 KB)

Sorry for the delayed response @SaladMalone, I’ve queried your issue internally and will let you know once I’ve heard back.

We’ve had to escalate the issue internally.

Sincerest apologies for the inconvenience.

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