Consistent frame loss occurring with patch 4.4

As above. I’ve played 4-5 missions since the patch dropped and I’ve noticed substantial amounts of fps loss in many areas once hordes arrive.

Areas with lots of buildings such as the end event of Engines of War or the entire town in Empire in Flames seem to be particularly problematic. In these areas I’m seeing drops as severe as 50%. But even outside of those particularly troublesome spots I was noticing consistent minor fps dips when just fighting normal hordes.

I have pretty much all of my settings tuned for max performance as a matter of course. The only things I’ve left off of minimum are Texture Quality on Medium, Ambient Light on High, and Physics Debris at their default values.


Noticing the same thing here, doesnt have to be at specific points on the map even in some areas of the keep i was dropping frames. playing at all low settings on a 5800x and a 3080 had no frame drops before the latest patch.

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