Constant frame drops

A problem I’ve been having consistently since the new patch launched is very regular frame drops. I’ve turned every setting down to the lowest possible, and it doesn’t change anything; I’d say every 20 to 60 seconds my frame rate goes down to around 20fps, sometimes a little under, for about ten seconds. This is sometimes connected to what I presume to be areas loading, or hordes spawning, but also sometimes happens AFTER hordes, or when absolutely nothing else is going on. I’m not having problems with other games released in the same time frame, so it doesn’t seem to be just my PC - and I’ve been able to run the game mostly consistently for most of its life. It was never even this bad playing the Onslaught mod, which I had already considered to be too much for my system.

What further information do I need to provide to help with this? I’ve asked friends, and others, even those with much stronger rigs, haven’t had this issue.

We have a dedicated post for performance complaints/investigation here, it would be appreciated if you could add to it as our Engine Developers are monitoring it:

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