Compilation of quality of life suggestions (please contribute)

Improved Inventory Management: You should be able to adjust the Inventories of each character and career from one central hub, no matter which character or career you’re currently playing.


Ehm ehm, here we go: :clipboard: :face_with_monocle:

  • Numbers X out of Y XP on XP bar to see your level progress.
  • Being able to use equipped items in crafting (reroll stats on your equipped stuff).
  • Better clarity on bombs/career skills/trinket bonuses on your teammates.
  • Visible stats of your character crit/hp/speed.
  • Option to skip end game summary (dont want to watch sliding xp and loot bars for 10 minutes).
  • Button to instantly leave after game (dont want to wait, return to keep and then leave).
  • Opening multiple chests at once, and skip revealing every item.
  • Being able to use equipped items in crafting (upgrade, reroll stats) without removing them every time.

I missed few, but thats first what comes into my mind.


crosshair color at choice (red, green, yellow or blue) for ppl with vision trouble.


I would REALLY like to see which streamer’s Twitch chat has an ability to vote, if there is multiple of them. Because currently it’s a moderating hell then where’s 2 or more streamers playing together.

I see it like this: streamer-host sees voting ui like normal, but whenever the vote starts, for non-hosts there will be a line of text, like “[Stearmer’s name] chat is now voting on…”

I hope the Devs will read this.

  • Option to sort inventory.
  • Option to have ammo count always on.
  • Option to toggle action queue on/off (attack, switch).
  • Possibly some visual indication of horde/boss incoming because of random stealth encounters.
  • Visual indication of who is talking in voice chat and possibly some sort of voice volume auto normalization, because people are often too loud/too low.
  • Improve outlines to better differentiate teammates (color?).
  • Positioning indicators so you can track people by the screen edge.
  • Improve friendly-fire warning, both to the inflictor (so he knows he’s getting someone hurt and pretty mad) and inflicted (so he knows who is hitting him instead of bugged voice-chat). A sharp sound or significant crosshair warning would be good.

Great suggestion on the visual indication of who is talking in voice chat!!! I’m sure literally everyone would love to see this too and it just requires a “mic” icon to go active next to the player portrait when someone is talking.

  • Loot box screen goes back to inventory window instead of plain screen - as soon as I open one, I want to study the new stuff!
  • Let us access the talent screen to review class abilities (or just show the abilities) (no changing talents mid-game, though)
  • Don’t go windowed mode when you do alt + tab
  • buttons to sort items in the crafting menu by type
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A option for “always see stamina/always see stamina when on melee weapon/current see for a while after its depleted”.


I’d like a short sprint option. Nothing permanent, using your stamina so that if you over use you can’t use your special.

I also understand that it can be tricky since the elf could be faster and the dwarf slower so maybe limit to a quarter of stamina bar refreshed on use of special.

Also can the elf be immune to cliff hanging? Seems odd that the nimble creature can’t pull herself up… maybe give her another handicap?

Along with your idea for displaying Stamina - I’d love to see buff icons display for when things like the “increased Stamina regen” from the “after you successfully heavy attack” talent procs. Or when you do a free “parry” that requires no stamina (weapon trait). That kind of feedback lets you know when you are using talents and weapon traits effectively and lets you improve as a player. Right now it’s hard to tell if I’m doing it correctly.


Copypasta from my other thread.

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I highly support the re-rolling stats on equipped items suggestion. I’d actually be more in favour of a bulk unequip from all characters/careers since it’ll make it easier to salvage mats from old items that are spread across characters.
TheGuardianOfMetal’s suggestion for an inventory management sections for all the characters would also be really useful.

I’d also include applying and removing illusions from equipped weapons as well.

Small things but with big implications.

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  • Speed up crafting. Select the item to be changed, then a press of a button should apply the crafting effect immediatly. No animation, no waiting. While we are at it, show the changed item immediatly after changing properties/traits as if you would hover over it with the cursor.
  • Replay/Next (random) map button after finishing a map
  • Having bots take healing/tomes/grims if they stand close to them and a player pings it. In a perfect world the bots could also take a potion, hold onto it until commanded to pass it to some player.

Have Ulti voicelines not interrupt character banter, for christ’s sake!

Improve hitboxes that ensure that I don’t feel outreached with my Halberd by a kitchen knife holding zombie.

Bring back inventory chests from V1 so one can adjust his gear at the start of the map accordingly.


When re-rolling properties / traits, I’d like to have the options to:

  1. take the new property/trait you just rolled, or
  2. keep the current property/trait instead

The way it was in V1. The way it is now if you have properties that are good but not great and you want to re-roll, you risk having to trust RNG and maybe get stuck with garbage properties if you run out of time / powder.


I’d Like basic damage counters and such, I know steam had mods for these but I wanna be able to play on normal unmodded realms as well.

  • Show Damage

Show ping

and weapon kill counter

These 3 mods wont allow you to play on official servers but don’t really change the game much at all.

Those will all be whitelisted, hopefully soon!

Gosh I feel like only 2% of the community read about the whitelist stuff of mod x’D

can you post a link to it? I am new to forums lol

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