Combine Psyker Force Stave Blessing Pools

The Force staves absolutely need a shared pool of blessings. With how they have their psyker-exclusive blessings and how closely linked most of them are, it desperately needs to be combined, especially if the ‘crafting’ system is going to be closely linked to RNG.

Yes and no, the staves can’t really share blessings, as they are widely different and it wouldn’t work, but there are 2 that could already share blessings: Voidstrike and Trauma (Only requiring the addition of 1 Blessing to Voidstrike, Rending Shockwave), while Surge and Purgatus would benefit from staying separate. And in the future sharing with their own stave groups (Biomantic and Pyromantic respectively)

I’m for it, as most of them do overlap. If there’s a couple that only exist on one, that one can share the others and not it’s specific unique blessings.

And while we’re at it let’s share them cross weapon and cross class…

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Cross character is already the case (Still bound to weapon type, which i have no issues with)

I agree that Trauma and Voidstrike should share, but they have one blessing difference: Trauma has Rending Shockwave and VS does not. On the other hand, Surge and Purge have the EXACT same blessing set so there’s no reason (currently) that they could not share their pool.

I can only hope that in the future both Surge and Purge get some blessings that are perhaps a bit more on-theme and have more than 1 optimal choice (Warp Flurry and Warp Nexus on both).

They are both Equinox family even, it’s just a half baked system, seems they forget/don’t care to add rend to Voidstrike.

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The reason I’m suggesting this is, frankly, because the RNG is inescapable. Ogryn at least is all-class-specific with its weapons, psyker is having to battle the guns diluting the pool and adding in another layer by giving each individual staff, none of whom have variants, their own blessing pools for upgrades just makes it even more of a slog.

Honestly all weapons should have a unified pool whenever possible - if you get Brutal Momentum on one thing it should unlock for them all.

I didn’t pay attention how Melk’s assortiment works, but they should make it so there will be guaranteed melee and range class specific weapon, if it is so, then they should enlarge this ammount like 2/2.

But even better it probably would be if you can place an order what you need - then Melk gives you contracts, you do them and he delivers your order from which you can choose what is good.


I’m pretty sure it was once not the case, but it is now and this is excellent news (at least to me, who didn’t know.)

Blessing library has been cross character since the patch that introduced re-bless in the first place. So no at no point was this not the case.


Wasn’t the case in December.

I’m sure you know why.

Well a shared blessing library doesn’t make much sense when there isn’t a blessing library to begin with obviously. I don’t know what that really says, like saying you didn’t have wheels for your bicycle a month ago when in fact you didn’t have a bicycle at all. Weird thing to point out.


Of the human classes, Psyker has the most blessings unique to their class but has the fewest overall.

O: 209
V: 102
Z: 125
P: 140
V+Z: 100
Z+P: 0
V+P: 34
V+Z+P: 372

V total: 576
Z total: 562
P total: 520

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