Coin "grab area" is way too small

Too many times have I had to attempt to grab coins twice or even thrice. Too many times have I accidentally grabbed ammo next to coins just because the coin’s “grab area” is too damn small and finnicky.
I imagine this to also be an annoying problem for players playing with controllers.

Make it bigger!


Yep. The coin pickup prompt should be larger and override any other closely placed item.


Reminds me of cannon ball pick up hitbox that was made bigger recently - lets hope they fix this one too. So many times I’ve run past coins while having mouse on it and just missing the pixel perfect hitbox - u need to stop, put mouse perfectly on it and pick it up. It’s even worse when its behind stuff or inside stuff - barrel or crates.

Also side note if FS sees this - please make ALE pick up hitbox bigger too, thank you.

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Bump post to highlight an annoying issue with coins

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