Cloak of Pain not doing anything

Maybe I´m an Idiot but as far as I understand the description of Cloak of Pain it sounds to me like it should cancel the de-Stealthing of Infiltrate after hitting an enemy.

If this is the case, and I sincerely hope it is because I wouldn´t know what else you could mean ^^, then it doesn´t work at all, regardless of what I do, hit an enemy, push them or shoot them (to be more precise, those things Need to connect) I´m instantly out of Stealth.

Another weird thing is that sometimes the Stealth Icon is still shown (sometimes it even resets, without using vanish [It would make sense for me if the counter resets in that case, well to 3 secs anyway) but the enemies turn around and attack me regardless.

Like I said, maybe I misunderstand the Talent, and if so I apologize for making this thread but in that case I would really like to know, what else the description of the Skill could mean (on a sidenote the can only trigger once part is also very weird, if you mean that the attack buff only applies to the first hit, then you already made that clear with the first sentence)

And it doesn´t matter if I´m Host or not, it just doesn´t do anything for me.

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