Choosing Multiples of the Same Character

I’m not sure if this is already a mod to be discussed, but has anyone thought of modding the game to allow for multiples of the same characters? I think it would be a lot of fun to have a team of Fire Witches descending into the nest, or an entire team of Foot Knights heading in to fight a Lord.

I mean, sure, it would probably break the game… but think of the cinematic experience of 4 Battle Wizards teleporting like human hand grenades and lighting the world on fire. Or having a collection of Handmaidens charging through the map with glaives.

I just think it would be fun.

Yep, there’s mod for this. One of them even lets you have 15 players. Absolute chaos, but in good way. We did a 12 man slayer run, so many flying dwari lol


Can you link the mod?

I can link it when I get home. At a symphony in Uppsala right now.

Hope that symphony was dope. I also hope that “dope” is an appropriate rating term for a symphony, but I’m just a human trash can so I wouldn’t know.

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So, this is the 15 player mod,

But, it looks like he hasn’t updated it for WoM. :frowning: Same for the one @freqlectic linked. That’s really a shame, hopefully someone updates them soon.

There’s a mod called BTMP that we play with. It’s a good idea to get MMO names as well, since you lose part of the UI to make up for the number of players. Numeric UI crashes the game when you run these mods.

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