Character portrait not loading correctly with a certain character model

Issue Description:
A certain character model not displaying a portrait correctly.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Once you create the following character model and select the face display below. The Portrait of that model gets mixed up with the Sino-looking character’s portrait through the entirety of the game.

*You can start the game (after creating the character) and in the operative select screen it displays the wrong portrait.
*You join the Missions hub and it loads the wrong portrait.
*You join the lobby for a mission and it loads the wrong portrait.
*You join a mission (or start a mission) and it loads the wrong portrait.
*You change something in your inventory such as weapons, curios, and cosmetic items. It changes the portrait to that same wrong portrait.
*You change Operative and on that select screen and It loads up the wrong portrait.

Relevant information below:

+Sometimes when you changes weapons, curios, and cosmetics it loads up my correct portrait.
+I have a Zealot and Psyker. Those characters don’t have this issue. It only happens to my Veteran sharpshooter.
+I have seen other players in the mission preparing screen and in mission with the same character model with that same bug showing the same incorrect portrait. I am not experiencing this alone.
+Going to the character customizer in the mission hub can sometimes fix this issue by swapping faces back and forth however once you start a mission or sometimes decide to change a weapon, curio, and a cosmetic item. It loads up the wrong portrait.( Sometimes its the other way around… vice versa.)

Platform: Steam

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
Bug have been in both the closed beta and pre-order beta.
Play time: 125 hours.

Reproduction Rate:
Often (75%)

Upload Supporting Evidence:
Character Model:

Samples of the issues noted on the portraits.

Close up on the problem.

How it should be like all the time listed below.

Others with the similar issue:

…Good luck on your release Fatshark… I haven’t played anything this great in 4 years. GOTY ( Heh, probably for the last 4 years there wasn’t a good game released like this.)