Chaos Wastes Narrative Feedback

I really dig the new game mode and was happy to pay for new weapons. I’ve especially enjoyed the new character dialog and the overall narrative of this last-ditch hail-mary pilgrimage. It felt like our characters were finally going to get some agency to save their doomed world instead of hopelessly stemming the tide.

Yet for all the narrative work that went into the new cinematic and dialog, when players finally reach the Citadel of Eternity and triumph, they are rewarded with…


No dialogue with a god. No epilogue text scroll. Not one single bit of narrative payoff for what is, IMO, the most engaging and meaningful narrative in Vermintide as a whole.

I’m not asking for an expensive cinematic or fleshed out short story. I just want a few paragraphs of dialog showing what happens when our heroes triumph. And if it’s not too much to ask, I’d also love to see a short epilogue for the character you complete the trial on. We’ve spent years with these characters, so getting some closure after what is obviously their final adventure would be delightful.

It took my friends and me several attempts to get a full clear on legendary, and instead of feeling satisfaction over a hard-won challenge, I just felt cheated that all that effort didn’t warrant a single sentence of narrative payoff.

I know most players would say you don’t play Vermintide for the story for the most part I agree. But there’s no denying part of Vermintide’s success stems from the eccentric charm of the Ubershreik Five. The writers and voice actors absolutely killed it at every turn, and to get no resolution to any of that is extremely disheartening.

Please consider adding something to the end of Chaos Wastes to reward players. Even if it’s just a few more voice lines.


To be quite honest i like that they made it like that, you hear a statement from the character you activate the thing with pleading to their chosen god but no reply back.
It keeps you wondering, raises the suspence, specially now that the keep is officially haunted by our old pal from castle drachenfels, i really think it would take some divine assistance to drive it back, and even if he could spoil the keeps location to el ratos and then the gang is doomed either way.
i like where this is going.