Chaos wastes : get our 20% coins when kicked/leaving

Two times today, just after I joined a quick play in chaos wastes I got kicked (and I mean in the first 2 seconds of being in play, so I think they forgot to put the game in private). Both times, I ended up loosing the coins i saved, which adds a sting that was mostly not intended.

I would also point out that getting back to 0 coins when leaving a game is also a bit absurd. We rarely really choose to leave a game for the sake of leaving, but mostly because the game is during longer than expected and we have to go, or something comes up … losing all coins in this situation is a bit of a bummer, especially if you can keep 20% of them by helping the team loose

Also happens when the game crashes :slight_smile:

TL;DR : give 20% of coins when leaving a game, regardless of how you left.


Its just coins…

This is a good idea. Deep Rock Galactic has a similar system where the kicked/disconnected player gets a small percentage of the loot at the time of disconnection.

At the very least, we should not be leaving the coins we had when we joined the game.

(And I particularly love bastard hosts who quit when they die.)

If the host leaves when they die, the current map restarts and either you or another player gets to host it. There are actually some advantages to it :

  • You restart the map in the exact same state you were when host left (boons, weapons, coins)
  • All drops and shrines are active agains

This means that you actually get 2 times each drop (even coins) up to where the host disconnected, and that includes Chest of Trials too :slight_smile:

That’s true, but that’s the only good scenario. However, not all transitions work, especially if the new host cancels. I wonder if the team could have host leaving in the end and rejoining after the migration… so you pass each map multiple times and earn everything many times.

However, I"ve had more than enough bad situations where there was no transition and host leaving the moment everyone was down, saving 10 secs and costing me lots of coins. I especially love when I join a game with 200 and find myself on the defeat screen…

(And it generally sucks when you join the late stage game.)

Issue is just that half the time it bugs out, or at least used to, and new players cant join the run anymore. And heck, even when they can it´s usually not the first or the second map so they are often sharply behind the gradually rising difficulty&power curves.

Now now, its 200 coins at best which does equal or even exceed the earnings of a bad map, i´ve certainly gotten less in both “The forbidden trail” and “The pit of reflections”. So with that said, i believe that having those 200 as a startup capital in a run can make a significant difference. Sometimes.


When you start with 200 coins, it means that the shrine as the second choice is more viable. Plus you don’t have to think twice about whether to upgrade ASAP.

This is not ideal, but you can do a quick solo ‘recruit’ run and just win with at least 800 coin to get 200 for the next cata run.

Imagine doing that only to QP into a run where the host ragequits right after, i´d facetime a wall.

I don’t play chaos wastes with randos anymore and I always host.

Now that my friends are into the game we’ve been having a blast with 200% twitch mode and that tzeentch twins weekly. 200% twitch mode on a short fuse is fun in the chaos wastes too if you don’t play on cataclysm constantly.