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Completed weekly expedition on cataclysm with twitch mode active. In the keep, it shows a green check mark next to all of the rewards, but I don’t think I got any. Or at least I did not get the longbow of bitter dreams which is mainly what I wanted, and I don’t think I got the red dust. Not sure about the chests. I don’t know if I’ll have time to redo the run before the event changes, so hoping I can still get the rewards if you can see it on the back end which ones I didn’t get. I was the host also. Thank you :slight_smile:

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No, I don’t use mods

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The longbow of bitter dreams is for Kruber, check, maybe you do have it unlocked

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Ahh just assumed it was elf’s since there’s a longbow of bitter dreams for her :roll_eyes:

Hi @DeusIrae,

You’re not alone! Quite a few other players have thought the same about the Longbow illusion being for Kerillian, instead of Kruber.

I did double check your account just in case and can see that the other rewards do appear to have been granted correctly also.

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Appreciate you for double checking! You just had to give them the same name! Just kidding, but thank you for all you guys are still doing for this game too :slight_smile:

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