Chaos Waste maps feedback

Grimblood’s Stronghold

  • The map starts out a little awkward, with the area liking to hide loot and trial chests out of the way but once they are dealt with progresses rather well into a standard arena defense that isn’t too difficult because you can kill enemies as they are dropping down into the arena rather easily.

Count Mordrek’s Fortress

  • A good map if you ignore the common occurence of a wall or two missing that lets you go out of bounds. Trenches and barricade objects provide good combat terrain. The finale event could use some variation, holding in the far corner is too beneficial.

Pinnacle of Nightmares

  • Good map that suffers somewhat from low variety, the beginning has a few variants but they all converge shortly. The finale is a more pleasant CoD circle, but might need looking at, there isn’t actually any need to stay within the circle - just kill all the waves.

Lost City of Marakza

  • A surprisingly long map with two big divergent routes. The Ruined City and mountain pathways are nice and distinct. Event is like Pinnacle but bigger and less intense; enemies spawning far away are target practice

Holseher’s Tower

  • Bizarre architecture and crumbling ruins create a great atmosphere. It feels like some variants appear much more commonly, the paths to ascend around the outside of the tower are interesting but rare. No finale or event but the strange terrain can make regular combat interesting.

Slaughter Bay

  • Very nice map with significant changes in its variations. Many alternate routes through the map and two different finale events (sometimes the arena can be skipped).

Pit of Reflections

  • I really like remix maps and Pit of Reflections does a great job at stitching together old areas. The keep area is a little awkward, coin boxes are hidden far off the path so looting takes time. Multiple route variants and several arena finales is great for variety.

Cinder Peak

  • Multiple paths that work in different directions through the map, good for variety in play and visuals.
    Both of the finale arenas are good but holding by the doors seems too effective. Volcano-face is cool.

Forbidden Trail

  • The Forbidden trail is an interesting map but consistently has far lower coin rates than others. I suspect a couple of reasons for this. The map is very short but wide, with has large forks that split coinsbetween paths. The finales are harsh, endless waves with elites and often a rat-ogre means that the party are often scared running for the portal rather than looting or performing the trial chest that regularly spawns in this area.

Foetid Gorge

  • Distinctive and varied routes and recognisable paths along the river. Barrel and defend events are both decent. Generally good map.

Bel’sha’zirr’s Mine

  • The first part of this map doesn’t often deviate and commonly features a nasty patrol that is tricky to bypass. Sometimes though you may get to go through the righthand side of the map with the scaffolds and tunnels giving verticality; I’ve seen many parties get lost on this route while searching for loot. The map closes on a barrel event or high intensity fightning through a cramped shanty town which is always exciting.

Citadel of Eternity

  • Great map with lots of variety in combat-locations. Featuring narrow corridors and open rooms and often no safety walls. The constant intensity is a great test of skill, even if you may have the boons and miracles to blitz through anything.