Chainweapon rework idea

I was recently thinking about how the chainsword was lacking compared to better options like power sword so I thought of a rework for it. Tell me if you guys would improve it in anyway or if you totally disagree with this idea. All feedback is welcome.
The main issue with chainsword is that it doesn’t have an uninterruptible attack so when dealing with a horde if you are cornered this causes issues. The special attack is also pretty useless in this situation as well. I’d like to make it so that when the chainsword is revved up, a charged attack would be uninterruptible and cleave (albeit still camera lock a little and then continue sawing) through trash enemies (aka poxwalkers etc.). The shredder stat would determine the types stronger enemies that it can saw through for example if it had 60% shredder it could “cleave” through a rager or something similar. The revved up damage would then be moved to the damage stat to and be merged with the overall damage. There would be certain enemies that the chainsword would not be able to cleave through at all for example a crusher or a mutant. I’ve also come up with a blessing idea, I call it Rampage… wait no, Frenzy, yeah Frenzy. For every 3 enemies you cleave through you gain bonus 5.0% damage for 3 seconds stacking up 5 times.
There may be a possibility that somebody else has already thought of this idea since I am still quite new around here. Tell me what you people think.

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Just for clarity it sounds like you are wanting the normal chainsword to work the way the Heavy Eviscerator Heavy Chainsword’s special+H1 does where it cleaves until its hitmass cap and then saws anything it hits or any elite or special. You also want to make them uninterruptable attacks, is that correct?

This is actually untrue. A push attack special can be done in a cornered situation to safely secure elite kills.

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Really? I didn’t know that the heavy chainsword worked like that. I’ve only played veteran and haven’t really checked out the other classes. Uninterruptable attacks would be nice tho and make it stand up to power sword since it has the same issue. Well I guess this makes my most of my post irrevelant. Thank you for letting me know and I’ll do more research next time.

I don’t think your post is irrelevant. Zealot has 2 feats that can make him uninterruptable. But i run both chainaxe and chainsword on my veteran with some regularity. As a class, right now, veteran has the toughest time in melee by design. Chainsword and chain axe special allow vet to fight armored elites and specials in melee. But the chain weapons are underpowered. Ultimately they require a fair bit of learning. With devestating strike and shred to deliver more crits (or Zealot’s F) you can actually kinda do what you’re talking about too.

Its not a bad idea for default cleave on special for all chain weapons. I’m not sure it’s what i’d change but i think the idea has merit.

After reading the part with devestating strike and shred I opened up my game only to see the first chainsword I looked at had both of those blessings. I’ll definitely try that out next time I play. Thank you for your feedback and I hope you have a great rest of your day. And let’s hope Fatshark finally buffs melee weapons for veteran.

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I watched your critique of chain weapons video on youtube and I think you have the best approach to fixing them. Good video.

I remember a few things you have suggested in the past ended up coming to the game, so hopefully it is the same with chain weapons.

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