Chainsword... What if we've been missing the obvious? Teeth Speed

Was running around with the regular chainsword today, which still feels bad. Got my hands on a two hander, which was better… and I’ve been wondering how this could be made good.

Chainswords are obviously inspired by chainsaws, but chainsaws aren’t good weapons because they are slow. Dangerous isn’t the same as a good weapon of course.

Now, I’ve always understood the lore/table rules consider the chainsword to be a worse power sword, but to have basically the same effect.

A 5.56mm rifle, used by NATO militaries, with a 20 inch barrel has a muzzle velocity of about 3000-3200 feet per second. That about 940 meters per second for metric. That hits VERY hard on soft targets, and if the bullet is dense enough, (steel or tungsten core) it’ll blow through (some) metal plates.

What if those self repairing monofilament-edge chainsword teeth… are moving at that speed?

Heck, what if they are at 10 thousand feet per second? (That close to 3050 meters a second for metric people.)

What if it’s double that?

The edge of that… would be a super blur. It wouldn’t growl, it would hum.

And it would completely SPLAT anything it hits.

And it might just be the excuse the devs need to make the chainsword splat enemies instead of sort of clunking them.

What do you folks think?