Chainsword still feels bad

Chainsword just feels bad to use. Really want chainsword to end up in a place of serious joy, and it’s not there. Even playing on difficult 1, with a 237 grade chainsword, and it took multiple light hits to kill poxers. my plain sword one shots.

Also, the chainsword staggers less then my mkiv devil’s claw sword. The devils claw feels like it’s a solid hit when it hits, and the chainsword doesn’t.

It really feels like you are trying to kill them with a lightweight stick. An unwieldy and slow club that also somehow doesn’t have mass to crush with. Like a folding chair maybe.

So then I took it into meat grinder and tried hitting the poxers there, and it seemed like it hit harder then it did in a mission. Very weird that. Still ‘felt’ weird.

Now, the thing is a sword needs to be fast in-out to be a good weapon. You can’t stay at full extension or you’ll take hits. Even heavy swords are used in ways that are fairly agile, and hitting has stagger.

Thing needs to go back to concept.


I would like to add that the special action that has you rev up the chainsword is very annoying. The animation takes 2 seconds, and it lasts for like, 3 seconds. It’s really annoying to use. Let me rev up my chainsword when I see an armoured target and then charge them down. Make it at least 5, maybe 10 seconds.

Don’t make me fanny about in melee range trying to rev up my chainsword (making me defenseless as I do so).

Instead of a satisfying feeling of power, it makes me feel like a guy comically trying to start a motorboat while while a shark is attacking it.

When you connect with it - it’s beautiful and feels great. But the tiny window of time makes it more frustrating to use than fun.

Eh the tiny window is fine, psyker force sword works identically, a few seconds charge up and you need to land your hit immediately after charging or its gone.

Did they shorten the kill animation so you only get hit by a few enemies before it ends? Or does the whole horde get free shots like the first beta?

Seems like the whole horde, but I’m not 100%. Thing hurts to use so it’s hard to test.

agreed, it’s ok for single targets and I get that that’s its main use, but it shouldn’t be so useless for hordes. obviously it should be worse than eviscerator but needs to have some use; at the moment I see virtually no reason to use the 1H chainsword over the Power Sword (which feels way better)

You really have to pick your targets and time it right, it will punish you if you get if wrong.

Ok you can hit Special Fire then immediately attack, skipping the rev-up animation, I hadn’t realised that. Dunno if intentional, but makes it much better to use.

Personally, I enjoyed my time with the chain sword, I had a decent mod that added 15% x3 stacking damage to cleave, helped a ton with dodge dancing… The CS is great for dealing with armored clowns as it stuns them while they are getting chewed up.

My biggest feeling about the chainsword is that it should sound more powerful also with the normal and heavy attacks.
Make the swings sound 90-100% similar to the sound of rev up chainsword (special attack sound effect on chainsword).
That way it would actually feel like a proper chainsword during normal use.


Agreed, unless it’s a quiet moment you can barely hear the revving of the CS during normal/heavy swings, if at all. And that’s with audiophile headphones, I imagine it’s even less prominent if playing with speakers or a basic USB headset

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One of the biggest things that makes the eviscerator and chainaxe feel way better is the fact that they saw a little on regular heavy/light attacks respectively. It’s actually technically a downside but getting that little bit of drag on your attacks while your saw is digging in feels really satisfying.


Give us bigger more menacing chainswords (and eviscerators), we can handle it!

I would be happier if the activation was just slightly longer, even by a second. If I rev my sword, see a priority target, zealot charge it, my activation is usually gone by the time I reach the enemy. Feels like such a letdown.