Chain Weapons are just wrong

I do not believe it does. Maybe it helps for some people because they use the dodge distance as part of their strategy for moving around. It certainly lets you circle a group of enemies better. Personally i find the chaxe to be fully capable of direct stand up fights due to its huge stagger with heavy attacks not even accounting for when its combined with Punishment on Zealot.

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Is the “punishment” feat really useful on Chainaxe? you feel a difference with/without? I’m running mine with “retribution”. Will have to try punishment out to compare.

As much as playing clean up annoys people knocking things over does tend to make you safer in dense groups. Also at max stacks you are uninterruptable. Pretty sure thats very handy since i run the ever unpopular Faith Restores All

My biggest problem with chain axe is the inability to run crit DR with, which makes you substantially squishier vs ranged. The damage and stagger is plenty respectable once talents / blessings are online.

In V2 any “ground” type attack can hit you regardless whether or not you dodged or not,
namely those are overhead attacks and boss ground slam attacks,
they get targeted at a player, and once the enemy starts his animation anything** touching the hitbox takes dmg.
**bit whacky but the player who gets aimed for has it the easiest to doge these attacks, hard to tell if its because actual mechanics, or that we are programmed to perform dodges once a set of trigger signales happen, (visual cues, sound cues, enemy windup/attack timings, etc)

ofc. V2 isn’t DT, but they reused the animations for overheads, it wouldn’t be too far a grasp to think they also copied hit registration mechanics

TL:DR in v2 dodge distance helps a great deal to dodge hitreg, attacks particularly when aimed at other players.


I think this may have been mentioned bu in case it hasn’t the chaxe and heavy chainsword have a different shred damage distribution from the chainsword and i think i like the chainsword’s a lot more.

The H.Chainsword and Chaxe both do around 20~ or less damage on first shred tick. The Chainsword hits for around 250. This can result in weaker enemies dying to first hit without spending any time locking you into an animation. While this does feel a touch jarring compared to what i am used to and i do miss killing groaners the slow way. Its quite nice that enemies will die up front if they’re weak. Thus saving time and safety during shredd attacks. It feels more natural.

Dodge slide resets their target lock afaik, since it gives you actual i-frames.

If you watch the vid posted above, you can see several instances for this, where he should have been hit.

well those things aren’t mutually exklusive, you can be in god mode and still be tracked, and you could be untrackable and still take dmg, but i get what you’re saying,

tho if i watch the vid closely, the hitreg could still very well function as i described it, no instance in that video points to a different conclusion, except for the last strike of the last crusher as he dies wich is left ambiguous,
ofc that doesn’t mean the extrapolation from v2 is correct.

to me it looks exactly as it worked, in V2, all attacks exept groundattacks seem to be
animation->hitreg, (meaning animation tracking into dmg calculation without any physical dmg/weapon hitboxes calculated)

where as groundtype attacks, like overheads from crushers seem to have fully calculated, hitboxes, just like they did in V2, wich allows them to hit multiple players.

Good afternoon. I have come to report that I have fixed the Heavy Chainsword and Eviscerator.

Reminder that this petition exists and was formally adopted by all reasonable people of right reason.

First of all there will now be two weapons. The Tigrus MKII Heavy Chainsword and the Tigrus MKIX Eviscerator.

Second of all they have the following stats cards:

Heavy Chainsword: I made it good now

Don’t hold out on me Fatshark. I know this is just a few JSON edits away.

Eviscerator: swing speed near 0

Both weapons are remarkably distinct and have different niches and both are good weapons for different use cases. Thank you for attending my TEDX Talk.


Dats a good an’ propa choppa, ya gitz!

Made by Omni sometime between 0.751.022.M3 - 0.833.022.M3
Looted by individual know as Davin Felth on 0.390.023.M3


wow powerfield

And you didn’t call it a wowerfield? 0/10, irredeemable


Honestly devestated i didn’t think of that


I agree with this sentiment…

Cool ideas generally I just can’t agree with slapping slaughterer on goddamn everything as a band-aid.

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After having spent an ungodly amount of ordos and plasteel on chainaxes in the past couple weeks, I found out I had this chainsword sitting in my inventory. decided to try it with crit build. It’s actually pretty okay, I am backtracking on the criticisms I have made on the chainsword. It has to be played with crit build, there is no way around that imho. This one is almost perfect, I would swap +infested for +crit chance or +flak armor. It has deceptively good horde clear. If there are elites in the mix, its pretty good against them also, except sometimes ragers when they are in the middle of an attack animation. It’s often better to just spam light attacks on special/elites instead of using special rev’
It’s really doing a lot of crits: a good alternative to the knife/tactical axe for running crit build on zealot imo :+1:

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Well that’s certainly interesting. Got any scoreboards? I’m not some mega expert on the weapon so i am interested.

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Ok. Nobody mentioned. You know what game had a good chainsword? Shadow Warrior 2.

What was your ranged weapon?
There’s a mod that lets you split off your melee and ranged damage on scoreboard. It helps get more precise with analysis.

Its not literal trash but its not very good either.

Have you tried the build with the blessings he had specified? I personally never was able to roll a crit chainsword and was super unimpressed by the Rampage and Savage Sweep performance, so was wondering if his listed build was worth anything.