Chain axe has weird lock on behaviour - design or bug?

When using the chain axe (light attacks), it seems to “lock on” to the mob that the axe hits when the teeth start chewing on it. It automatically pulls your character’s view across so you are looking at said mob in the middle of your screen.

This is quite unhelpful and can be very disorientating when you are attacking a pack of mobs, as your view is being pulled in multiple different directions constantly.

I have not experienced this behaviour with any other melee weapons, so it would seem strange for such a mechanic to be implemented for a single weapon.

Is this supposed to be happening? It is like console aim assist on steroids, is really off-putting, and can lead to you taking unnecessary damage due to being spun round involuntarily. I hope this is removed / resolved ASAP as it pretty much ruins the weapon for me.

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