Catachan Mk VII sword. Bug or feature?

Chaining parry on Mk I and Mk IV catachan swords has a delay. Which means you cant parry all attacks of rager or chaos spawn.

But on Mk VII you can quickly parry all those attacks.

First i assumed it was a trade off for damage. But after testing in Meat Grinder with white swords of ~same stats i figured they all deal same parry dmg.

Is this a bug or a feature that i dont know. And should Mk VII parry be nerfed to have a delay, or should Mk I and Mk IV be buffed by removing delay?

Video proof of how ridiculous parry speed on Mk VII 1:55

Edit: i’ve been corrected, that sword on video is Mk IV. But the posts stands, as Mk I cannot parry that fast


Wait really? I always assumed it was a feature, but I haven’t used anything other than IV for a long long time now. This opens up some fantastic ideas about high stamina parry builds I might wanna try out in the future. :smiling_imp:

Thanks OP!

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That’d be my vote.

As it stands, parrying against multiple enemies is essentially a death sentance with a delay between parries and the parry isn’t so strong that it should be nerfed.


Just be careful with parrying crushers and maulers. With max stamina and block efficiency: catachan sword with perks on +2 stamina and +20% block efficiency, also all trinkets on +3 stamina and each with +12% block efficiency still cannot parry crusher’s overhead. You wont take dmg, but all your stamina will be depleted.
So be sure to parry crushers at last moment, as it reduces stamina cost on parry to, pretty much, non-existent. If you parry crusher’s overhead at last moment - it will take somewhere around 5-10% of stamina.

But it’s incredible against ragers. Because you parry their hits, deal dmg to them AND stagger them out of their attack combo and kill him in 2-3 parries (you deal something like 1.5k dmg to the head on parry).
Obviously it shreds bosses and monstrosities. Ogryn solo? ezpz. Chaos spawn? you can dance a bit but still not a problem. Daemonhost? Need some practice, but still soloable. Beast of Nurgle is nasty one to solo, but if he targets someone else you can parry all his tail slams.

And parry benefits from everything related to melee or blocking. You know psyker have talent that gains peril on block instead using stamina? Works for parry.
Veteran +30% weakspot dmg? Turns 1.5k dmg to rager head on parry into 1.9k.
Zealot armor downgrade on FotF + dmg + crit? Use FotF and parry crusher, 2k dmg to the head.
Bleed, brittleness, rending, crit, dmg boss. You name it - parry benefits from it


I thought crusher/mauler overheads always penetrate block/parry? Sheesh I have a ridiculous amount of hours and experience in this game but you just unloaded a ton of great new info! Thanks so much! I think I’m gonna try a psyker parry build today tbh. :joy:

One question though!

Back before the class overhaul, psyker’s Kinetic Deflection scaled inversely with stamina. So the more stamina you had, the more efficient Kinetic Deflection’s peril conversion would be. Do you know if this is still the case? A lot of these basics were changed with the overhaul on Oct 3:rd and I don’t do mods so I can’t go test it. Thanks in advance either way!

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they did. Last patch, or one of last patches, reduced the amount of stamina used to parry at the last moment (i dont remember the window. Something like 0.5s. Pretty easy to get with little bit of practice). So now if you parry withing this last window - you will counter even overhead like it’s regular attack.

Seems like that. I made a full “block” build on psyker and tanked daemonhost like i’m ogryn with shield.
But full stamina + full block effeciency + force sword on stamina, block effeciency and blessing for blocking ranged and block effecieny + talent Kinetic Deflection wont save you from crusher and mauler overhead.

Edit: tested out of curiousity. You can actually parry crusher at any moment with this build. It will up your peril by 20%.
Then i soloed chaos spawn and killed him by only constantly spamming parry. my peril went to 85% and chaos spawn died…
blocking still doesnt save you from crusher overhead.

Also tested catachan sword with +2 stamina +20% block eff. with 3 trinkets on +3 stamina and +12% block eff each. You can parry crusher attack at any point with this amount of stamina and block eff. So i was wrong in previous post.
Takes about 50% of your stamina to block not on time. And, like, 3% stamina to block on time.


That’s a Mk IV in the video tho

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oh, yeah, you right. That’s weird, maybe i was testing only Mk I sword. Jumped now in Meat Grinder and yes, both Mk IV and Mk VII can parry fast. But Mk I still doesnt

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I wonder… I made a full on parry build with Devil’s Claw IV and noticed that some hits did get through. Then I tried tanking a DH and it absolutely destroyed me, not because of peril buildup but it just hit straight through the parries.

So I made a macro to spam the parry and made sure it worked and went again. It went better, but that fast combo from the DH still just went through the parry to stun me, followed by more hits during the stun. I’m about to try again with some makeshift Devil’s Claw VII instead to see if there’s a difference.

FYI, I went with block efficiency & +unyielding for perks, with Skullcrusher (4x 10% dmg stacks to staggered enemies on hit) and Shred (+4% crit max +20%) for blessings. Idk if the parry itself stacks Skullcrusher, but since lesser enemies get staggered by it I figured it would still be a good bet.

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my mod seems to be not working with DH, so i cannot test it. But i’ve seen some videos of people soloing him in Meat Grinder. And i killed a 60-70% hp dh after my friend tried to kill it with hammer and died. Felt quite easy. But i may played zealot that round. So “Thy wrath be swift” could be the reason why i killed him without problems. Havent tested on other classes.

Maybe try to hug the wall? The chaos spawn seems to be using mostly 1 attack if you cornered. I think dh does the same. Plus dodging is required to get out of stunlock.

Altho guy in this video doesnt use “Thy wrath be swift” talent and still shreds

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Parrying is insanely good on weapons that have it. The counter-attack that follows up staggers almost everyone and deals good damage, too.
Not to forget, it’s like a Dark Souls parry in so far that it blocks with few exceptions all damage.

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