Cart object on Silo Cluster doesn't block poxburster explosions

Was doing a silo cluster mission normally, but I noticed something odd midway through. A poxburster jumped at me out of a horde when I was standing beside this water tank cart thing. I pushed the poxbuster away and then dodged sideways behind the cart because hard cover is usually the safest way to avoid explosions. However when the poxburster detonated it sent me flying for full damage and knockback as if I was right next to it, moving behind the cart did nothing to mitigate the explosion as if it was transparent like an empty doorway.

poxburster explosions are like barrel explosions, they go through partial cover. i’ve had one or two damage me through a wall. don’t trust them.

You aint’ seen nothin’ till one blows up the whole team from outside a moving elevator.

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