Cant talk to Olesia, and don't hawe acces to amulet of ashur

Issue Description:
Cant talk to Olesia, and don’t hawe acces to amulet of ashur


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Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

There are two points/areas where you can talk to Olysha.
Once at the point in your screenshot on the right at the fireplace and cooking area,
but also at the other dome below, on the right, where the small staircase is.
Other players often activate their stories there.

It ‘may’ be due to certain installed mods that it doesn’t work.

Hi @MXD96,

Have you managed to locate Olesya now?

And please let me know if you still have any issue with the Amulet of Ashur unlocking. Please ensure that you have completed the level Dark Omens and Weave 1.

Hi, i did mission again and still the same.

@MXD96, okay, sorry about that! I have now manually unlocked the Amulet of Ashur for you - you should see it when you next restart Vermintide 2 :slight_smile:

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