Cant Take Item From Ground

Issue Description:
All the players can’t grab the “Plastacciao” [ITA] item from ground, only in the position of the picture, don’t remember the map name sorry… only at this particular position, others item in others places were taken all

Mission Name (If Applicable):
-don’t remember-


Player ID:
[Steam ID/CrvxAveSpesVnica/Honorine]

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
[12/07/2022, 23:00] [ROME]

Reproduction Rate:
Don’t know it happened 1 time

Upload Supporting Evidence:

Upload Console Log:
console-2022-12-07-19.54.59-01aa53f5-b4d1-419b-a53f-b04c6973a067.log (807.7 KB)

Upload darktide_launcher.log:
darktide_launcher.log (794.3 KB)

Same with a scripture. There’s also a grim on a shelf you can’t get.

Another place is this.

console-2022-12-08-12.56.28-74534e04-a6a3-4e42-b316-f9d065fabc19.log (1.3 MB)

Same thing can’t grab this item

Item ‘Diamantite’ [ITA]

Time approx 2022/12/08 18:00:00 [ROME]

I begin to think that if item spawn in dust it’s not grabable

Another place for grimoire

Another place with Scripture can’t be taken problem, in this case I had the scripture before so can’t try, but others I think they try to take it with no luck, at least two of them tried…

Mission find and kill

2023-01-13 22.00.00 [Rome]

console-2023-01-13-20.18.28-2c9c07d9-384a-439d-8313-673f13dcf509.log (258.6 KB)