Cant run game - executable not found

So I’ve been playing the latest beta before launch as well as the launch day without any apparent issues ( played roughly 50 hours ) aside the well known crashes here and there…but today, pressed the PLAY button on steam and seemed totally fine but the PLAY button on the launch window looks like turned off and when I put my mouse on top it says “can’t launch, missing executables”.

Tried doing a diagnose to verify the integrity of my files and failed. Reinstalled the game but doesn’t seem to work. Game is downloaded but won’t complete installation failing at the last part of the process asking me to restart over and over again…I’m a bit lost since I don’t know what i’m doing wrong or what is happening.

If someone can help me or it’s having the same issue as me, let’s see if someone can get this sorted out! thanks in advance

I have to confirm, you’re not attempting to launch the Closed Beta are you?

nope! played the game itself already on the launch day and after that, during the second day the game won’t launch. Reinstalled it on my SSD and the problem solved by itself. A pretty weird one