Can't headshot on roaming enemies

This has been happening to me recently. Sometimes when i wanna headshot roaming elites my arrow or bullet goes through their head, like i missed them. I’ve seen it happen to streamers aswell. I’m not sure what causes this issue, it seems to be random.

Edit: i’m pretty confident this is not a ping issue as i’ve seen it on host aswell as client

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Is it hitting body perhaps falloff from range, if moving target really hard to gage between distance, pathing directions, even head bobs and then the ping you mentioned or hidden lag @.@.

Idk sometimes I’m on point with my headshot other times I’m just tired and sloppy, SV head swivels are the worst too, so many factors could increase headshot box but the. Game becomes easier.

No it’s just a roaming elite, standing still, you go for a headshot you take your time shoot, arrow goes through the head and the elite doesn’t aggro or move.

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Hmm may be some kind of bug don’t think I’ve ever had that when I take the time usually I just get trigger happy. They are probably going to ask for example files maybe =p

edit: srry to mislead FS likely respond if not here always respond on steam bug threads… Im sure more here.

I don’t have shadowplay enabled because i had some performance issues lately on other games, so i don’t have clips

I have a billion instances of this happening on SV, I’ll have to clip later, but yeah this an annoying (but not exactly gamebreaking) issue.


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