Can you farm illusions on recruit?

Hi just asking if you can farm Illusions on recruit. I really want Krubers Coach gun Illusion ( the one in the pic ) so far I have been doing green dust runs and cant seem to get it.

Afaik you can farm illusion’s on recruit , but its always gonna depend on RNGesus whether or not you get what you’re actually looking for :3 good luck

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I got that particular illusion from a blue item, so I don’t see why not. Illusions are quite random. Some of my best ones have been on greens/blues.

That gun model is hilarious though. I don’t think Blunderbuss illusions get any better than that.

I think technically you can, but this is a high-tier skin and you’re much more likely to get it off Champion or Legend. I got five or so running legend so it shouldn’t be too hard, but RNG can be a real pain.

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