Can you all please thank this clanrat

for giving us a hand with the cart :+1:


See? Let us not point fingers, because at least some rats have manners.
He saw that the group was struggling so he grasped the opportunity and offered a helping hand.
I think he handled that nicely.


Pretty handy! Though there seems to be something of-hand about a clan rat helping the ubersrike five (or four, doesn’t matter) pushing the cart, but I can’t put my finger on it.


Such a pity you have to face an entire skaven army after one of them was so kind to you . at least you guys also had some extra nails to bite when navigating the nerve wrecking dark :wink: was this perhaps a farming run ? xD

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Anyone ever thought about who the real enemy is? The 5 heroes who murdred a load of innocent rats. I guess he was just showing that he forgives them.

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