Can we get a community manager? [my bad]

There’s plenty of talk about balance, bug fixing and really good feedback from players but people never know when it’s acknowledged because we rarely hear from Fatshark’s end.



Oh. Are you sure he isn’t tech support?


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Just because he posts about bugs and solutions doesn’t mean he’s a coder/it support.

Uh, and what makes him a community manager? i don’t see him addressing the main community concern: why is the game plagued by game breaking bugs? how does a top seller game can’t to fix that?

Or maybe you think the biggest issue is the big lack of useful information provided by the game. When are those being addressed?

Perhaps the biggest issue is balancing? Certain weapons being greatly underpowered compared to others? Which directions are the devs heading? Any estimates at all? Well, also not addressed.

Really, kudos for the “you could clear your cache” posts, but again, i look at this and i don’t see the community concerns being addressed. The biggest one being probably, well, the lack of communication:


actually, he is tech support…also? He’s answered previous support tickets.


So maybe the poor fella actually has to juggle more than one job? Again, how can’t a top seller game afford Fatshark to have a dedicated community manager?

So hi.

As a community manager at Fatshark I wear multiple hats which include customer support.

You might not like what I do or directly benefit from it and that’s ok.

Today’s audience is very hungry for a great deal of things and it’s true, I cannot satisfy all those hungers.

What I also can’t do is magic up information from thin air however and can only work with what I’ve got. Information is not always something I have to hand, and your thread has come at a time where information and news is brewing up after a Summer hiatus in the team, so you can expect to see more in the coming weeks.

Patch 1.2 will address a boat load of bugs and see balance changes. Given it’s been so long without either, I’ll be keen to get that out and look to engage in talks about what’s new, what’s left and what could use our eyes. It’s just been so long since a meaningful patch as you know and I can only say “no news on that front” so many times before I also go a little bananas.


hedge has done a great job considering the reality of his position’s duties (some of which are maybe not so obvious until you’ve seen him running around trying to appease everyone after a goofed patch) so i don’t want to see him replaced. you wouldn’t either, especially if it was for someone like me!


I think it just needs some moderators here who can offer some kind of post once a week about “news” - even if it’s only parroting stuff from elsewhere. mutter reddit mutter Steam Forums mutter and answer common questions.

Silence is causing more damage than anything else at the moment, although it seems Hedge is doing far more than just posting in various places and sorting out the communities various rants and collective Dirty Nappies.

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I really hope they have an internal Hedge Celebration/Appreciation Day at Fatshark.


Does Fatshark believes its doing a good job fixing bugs on a timely manner since its March launch?

No. At least not recently.


Hedge is alright, they don’t BS too much and if theres radio silence from them it typically means theres just no answers to any of the questions people are asking.

Yeah, going through my support tickets i realize Hedge was really helpful and even got to provide some info the game itself wouldn’t. Actually, i’ve edited the the post title just in case it sounded a little bitchy.

Reading the upcoming update patch notes, it actually seems to fix/improve/address a LOT of stuff, so maybe things are really changing for the better. Good work, FS!

I just want to address the communication issue: please, the information FS provides on Reddit should be here, also. You know, being the official forum and stuff.

@Hedge, one thing that works great appeasing the community on those times when everyone is thirsty for content or updates: drip-feeding news. The patch notes have a TON of info on several game aspects. You could take a few of those and post weekly teases before the updates. You could choose to post (or save) the ones you think would work the best. Yeah, might sound a tad cheesy, but it does work surprisingly well.
Yeah, sometimes those notes will be completed only on the days just before they go live, but if you annoy the game designers a bit, they will be able to tell you for sure which things are bound to be uptaded/changed/reworked on the next patch, even if they can provide numbers. Even small bits of info sparsely posted from times to times can be juicy enough for keep things from derailing :rofl:

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