Can u add penalty for leaving?

people join and immediately leave, then the next ones do the same and in the end you are left alone

Honestly i dont think there should be a penalty for leaving until they add solo play. There is nothing worse for some people then joining a game and seeing its basiclly a speedrun group and then being punished for leaving because you absolutely detest that kind of play. People shouldn’t have to sit through an entire level of the polar opisite of their own playstyles if they dont want to.

If they wana try to endure it…fine thats cool but if they wana say f**k it and leave they should have that option too.

Goes the other way too if someone joins a group that is slow and steadying it and they just wana blitz through as fast as possible and the rest of the team is “plodding” along and doing things at their own pace. I immagine from that end it would be equally infuriating. Add on a penalty for leaving to that…no.


“In the end you are left alone” is just about the most depressing way you could’ve worded that. Sending hugs your way bro.

I wonder what makes people immediately leave though. Only time I’ve had that happen is when people join a run only to find the entire team downed and themselves surrounded by fire and crushers.


This is not a competitive game, I don’t see the point of adding a penalty for leaving.


Penalty for leaving a co-op game makes no sense to me. You only see this in ranked matches in PvP games because it’s a competition and you are thus irreplaceable. Darktide is all casual and open lobbies. Consider the consequences of adding penalties:

  • Griefing to prematurely end the mission.
  • Suicide and going afk until the end of mission.
  • Forced to play with trolls, toxic and bad players.

The solution: allow players to leave without penalty and empty slots can be filled in by other players. Sure it sucks at times when you are left alone but it’s better than dealing with players who are bat**** annoyed when they can’t leave a casual game.

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Penalties for leaving are never worth the cost. People can end up leaving for all kinds of valid reasons + internet problems or who knows what else. Slapping these people with punishments undeservedly tends to cause far more harm than whatever nebulous boon it is to punish people leaving for bad reasons.

Even best case scenario, the only thing you are doing is forcing people who want to leave to stay in the group. You don’t really want to play a co-op game with people that feel they are being forced to be there, it’s a breeding ground for toxictiy.

Also, what you gonna do when ANOTHER party is ignoring your calls and markers for scriptures, it’s 23:30 Sunday and you have 3 left to get this over with and that new, shiny-shiny 527 toy Melk for SOME REASON has today and never had before requires only 700 more Melk coins?

I didn’t make it, back then… There were no more scriptures or grimms for next hour. I never saw powersword with that stat distribution (perfect 4x80 and 57 in mobility).

Next day (Monday) when another team ignored my requests to grab scripts or even ammo box AND cut me off (I grabbed ammo box, ask them NOT TO ENTER airlock, deployed ammo box and saw doors closing on me with the scripture left behind), something in me broke… (I think it was my tooth).

Dear ogryn player who told me “this doesn’t give you a right to yell at us” and anyone in 3 teams I’ve played night before: I curse you to this day, you Emperor forsaken creatures, you Nurses of Fabius Bile, you Ahriman Acolytes, you Arch-Traitor Horus ballscrubbers…


No pity

No remorse

I hope you all stabbed your foots/legs/toes for next 47 days with this:

Because that’s how long it took me to make another, almost but not quite as good, powersword back then…

Vengence! VENGENCE!!!

(Events recorded above actually happened, although might have been turned to 11 for comedic purposes. If you feel like this story is about you, one of the villains, please feel free to smack your balls really, really hard)

One is when you’re going for weeklies with no player deaths. Someone dies, time to leave. I just do sedition personally if needed.

Maybe change your pants :wink:

“can you make it so you’re forced to carry bad people/can’t take care of IRL stuff without being punished in this PvE game”
no lol

I agree, and they should also add a penalty for playing horribly, I think fatshark should ban these players forever. This game has too many players after patch 13 and needs to go back to the dead game level.

Penalties of this type are pointless because will just throw the match and THEN leave to avoid the penalty.

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