Callback Throwing Axes with Gamepad needs custommapping Ingame or


im really enjoying the Throwing Axes as a Ranger. However i like to play with a Gamepad from time to time on Pc and its really annoying that u cant look around while Callinmg back your Axes, unlike with Keyboard and Mouse. It leaves you quite vunerable at that time.

I Mapped Reload on my Left stick. i mean who needs to loook at the weapons all the time?! It works kind of…
My Ui in the right bottom Corner vanishes as long as i hold the Button. I have to stand still to call my Axes. Its even worse than holding the Reaload Vanilla Button…

So i Request that we can either Custom Map the Left stick if u press it or let us be able with a Gamepad that if we hit Callback/ Reload on Gamepad Ingame, or we can release the button after the first Axe and we get the Animation and all the axes back after this automitically so we can walk and look around same as with Keyboard and Mouse!

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