Bulwark shields stop out flamethrowers, but ogryn shield doesnt block flamers attacks

Bit of a consistency complaint here, if I have the zealot or psyker flamethrower and I hit a bulwark shield with it, the shield fully stops the flames. It does not hit the bulwark or anything behind him. But if I am playing as an ogryn and I have my shield up, enemy toxflamer flames go right through it and hit me and my team behind me. Grenader fire grenades I sort of understand, but I feel like either our fire should go through bulwark shields or our shields should be able to block enemy fire attacks.


We all nead a “Grail Knight” Ogryn as next playable class ASAP!!
;D & he would have 2H power Sword ;D that can block ranged attacks with stamina [edit] with the energise as “special” of course x)