Builds for all heroes

Is there a website/forum of optimal builds for all heroes on the latest patch? I’m tired of googling only to find limited information so I’m hoping I’m missing something.


It’s hard to give “optimal” builds for anything, as so much depends on your own skills and playstyle. You are always better off using something you are used to, even when badly optimised, than something strange and new even when that’s been optimised completely. There is a website, though, Verminbuilds I think, that serves to check different builds.

For separate information, damage breakpoints (how much extra Power you need to kill something with one less hit) are likely to be the most important resource. There are a few topics on this forum dedicated to those, and one or two spreadsheets floating around. Other than that, try things out as much as you can and find stuff you feel is good for you, then start looking for ways to make that better.

I’d honestly encourage experimenting though, especially with the greendust fixes and the added loot

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