Bugged interaction between heal share talent and being healed by someone else

Issue Summary:
Player A is using heal share talent
Player B heals A with bandages
Player B does not receive heal share
Player A, C, and D receive heal share

This is odd because instead of everyone but A receiving heal share (as what would happen if player A healed themselves), everyone but B receives heal share. This is especially odd because A is receiving their own heal share.

This is alternatively a bug because no heal share should proc at all. I’d prefer it if it did proc heal share but it’s bugged either way.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Have player A use the heal share talent
  2. Have 4 players (A, B, C, D) stand near each other
  3. Have player B, C, or D use bandages on player A. More easily noticed if nobody is using hands of shallya.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Constant (100%)

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I reported this earlier during the balance beta; it was tagged not-a-bug. Even if it’s intended, it’s questionable and unintuitive behavior, and as such should be changed.

This was me, I apologise. A misunderstanding on my part, it is an issue.

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Good to know. I consider it an understandable mistake; it’s a complicated issue to explain without screenshots or video, so my explanation might’ve been a bit confusing as well.

Can you say if the intended behavior is to proc a normal heal share or to not proc one at all?

The intended behaviour is that it should proc a heal share for B, C and D in this situation. I appreciate this is unclear. However, we’re looking in to this and it may be subject to change!

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