Bug report about the Lucius pattern Lasgun

The “Lucius” pattern Lasgun makes a crazy continuous beeping sound when you are in the middle of charging up a shot and get stunned, grabbed, or sometimes just swapping to melee. The visual effect of the shot charging up ( it glowing red ) also appears as a red circle on the screen, detached from the end of the barrel. It goes away after swapping back to the ranged weapon, but sometimes you have to shoot a shot to make it stop.

Definitely had this as well, started after the 1.05 or 6 patch/hotfix a few days ago for me. The beeping was continuous tone for me, similar to an emergency alert notification tone on your phone, and would stop whenever I pulled the gun back out.

I can confirm this. It even happens when, for some reason, the charge sticks when switching to melee. It’s really bad for headphone users. Honestly, I think the Lucius needs to be looked at in total. Buggy and bad to boot.