Bug help please

GUID: ba5f963b-1628-4c72-88e0-55b9e2b6304a
Log File:
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[Script Error]: foundation/scripts/util/error.lua:22: No persistent stat found for arguments “completed_levels, journey_ruin”

Hi @Warwin56,

A hotfix for this has just gone live. Could you download the update and see if this crash is resolved?

where can i downloade the MAJ on Steam ?

Thanks Shark
Yu are awesome FAST all rigth for me. Keep clm and carry on

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Can you tell what the issue was, if you don’t mind me asking ?
My game slowed down significantly when a friend joined in the Keep and again when destroying a door, after which it crashed.
I deactivated all my mods and it’s now running fine, but I don’t know if it is because I turned all the mods off or thanks to the hotfix :slight_smile:

This specific matchmaking crash needed a code fix our side. That being said, disabling mods at the moment is likely a good shout, as there’s a few known issues.

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