Bug(?) - Have not received new weekly quest

Issue Summary: have not received new weekly quest even though i completed the previously weekly quest BEFORE the reset.

Steps to Reproduce: cannot reproduce as it involves a weekly quest

Reproduction Rate (Choose One): Once
Rare (< 10%)
Unusual (< 25%)
Common (< 50%)
Often (< 75%)
Constant (100%)

Additional Information: i am 100% positive that the previous weekly was turned in on time; i had waited all week and ended up cramming all 25 QP wins in two days so i was very aware of the time limit.

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DxDiag.txt (79.5 KB)
console-2018-09-05-02.41.00-FBEFA03A-5BE5-4F3D-B762-178E.log (1.4 MB)

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Hey there, sorry to hear. Do you have a rough recollection on the day and time you handed in the weekly quest?

yeah, i procrastinated and crammed them all in doing fast veteran runs on the weekend. based on several screenshots i saved, it was turned in sometime around 9/2 late night - 9/3 early AM, around 1am-2am EST. if i recall correctly, the weekly quest timer said i had 6-8 hours remaining before the reset when i turned it in.

Take another look and let me know how it goes.

yup the quest is there now. thanks for fixing this, much appreciated!

I have never received weekly quest what do I do …

I have also never received a weekly quest. I don’t even know what they look like.

@TeHNooP @gw1108 Do you have the Bögenhafen DLC?
Since weekly quests reward DLC boxes its probably necessary.

It’s correct that at present the weekly quests are for DLC owners.

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