[Bug] Bot discarded a grimoire he is carrying

The bot is a Mercenary Kruber in Righteous Stand - Champion. The human player that previously got the grim has left the game at the yard outside the Temple of Sigmar. The bot got rid of the grim after he was helped up after being downed inside the Temple of Sigmar as we were fighting in the “survive” event. He was on his last “gray” life. The chat log showed this message: “System: Markus Kruber discarded a Grimoire.”

Attached is the console log and the screenshot. In the console log, line 4216 is where it says the chat log of the bot discarding the grimoire: “14:28:33.679 [Lua] [ChatManager][1]System: Markus Kruber discarded a Grimoire”. In the screenshot (the bot Kruber has already healed himself after being downed at this point):.

console-2018-08-22-14.03.15-141DD29A-90DD-4203-901F-1DB3 bot discarding grimoire line 4216.log (1.2 MB)

There is an ultra-rare bug that makes the bots use potions or bombs. My theory is that they try to give those items to the player, which makes them select it, after which they try to either attack or shoot an enemy and they “press LMB” and use the item instead. Probably it’s related to this bug.

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Had that with a picked up Bardin and a Kerillian as well. Rather annoying, but I wouldn’t call it “ultra-rare” anymore.
I’ve seen it in every game where a bot had a grim, so far.

Bots sometimes use bombs for some reason. It seems the bot used it’s “potion” here and threw away your grim.


It seems that this bug has persisted into the 1.2 stable version: https://www.reddit.com/r/Vermintide/comments/9b35ay/12_bug_bots_will_now_discard_grims/

Hi hollerbach, thanks for the report. We will look into it at once.

Update: This issue has now been fixed and will arrive to you players in the upcoming patch. :slight_smile:

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