Bots shouldn't drop a grim unless told to do so specifically

Currently, if a bot is carrying a grimoire, and you accidentally tell that bot to pick up a potion, they will be stuck in a looped grim throwing animation for a while until they finally destroy it. Even if the potion is no longer there.
It’s rather annoying because sometimes you can forget a bot is carrying a grim, or accidentally tell the wrong bot to take the potion and you just lose a grim from an unfortunate mistake.
Bots should only drop the grim if they are told to do so

tl;dr: if you tell a potion to pick up a potion, and they are currently carrying a grim, the bot should reply with “I’m carrying a grimoire” and not pick the potion up.

Yeeee… or maybe you should be more careful and pay attention what bots carries?

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