[Bug] Bastion of Brettonia

So noticed on GK was trying to block flame rat on narrow bridge and was receiving pushback.

There was a handmaiden bot next to me so not sure if the push back is coded in such a way that another player can negate the trait by proximity.

The bot was obviously tuning head first into flame rat and endlessly getting pushed back with me unsure if I was suffering damage.


I don’t think blocking a Flame Rat’s fire stops pushback, just damage.

It does. It even let’s you move forward into the flames and smash the silly rat.


Thanks for confirming was about to test and question if i was just ungodly good at sidestepping it

Confirmed via mod realm on BBB patch. When bot is in close proximity will ignore Bastion trait and take damage as well as push back. Not sure if players would have similar issue … tho prob less brain dead to stand on top of GK.

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That is a rather strange bug. Props to you for discovering it!

Yah really makes me wonder how the game is coded for such a thing to be possible

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It’s funny because I’ve noticed it as well. I hadn’t connected it to bits yet, but I’m pretty sure I’ve experienced it in similar situations. Both taking damage and being knocked back.

If anything it should be coded the other way around. That the GK is abiding whoever else is close from the warp fire. That would look really silly if the other person was in front though.

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