Broken, Bugs, and other assortments

Playing as Grail Knight and other characters, i have come across a few bugs, and things that seem to be just broken, as well as other things that should be pointed out.

  1. GK on Legend on the map Into The Nest can one shot the end boss. On legend for just ONE character to kill a boss is unbalanced beyond reason.
  2. GK-Attempting to complete his challenges can result in it not even being marked by the game as complete. Example: Against the grain and the challenge is to complete both Quests within 140 seconds. Getting the Grim on the Windmill, then running to get the Tome (Which you can jump up to get it) takes about 20 seconds, maybe less. Successfully doing this has not completed the challenge.
  3. GK- Hippogryph helm has a normal color behind it, unlike purple or another color which signifies rarity.
  4. In Weave Expeditions, the descriptions for all the Portraits are the same for the “Light” Portraits in Season 3.
  5. This one just bugs me. If Season 2 is over, and we cannot obtain those portraits, can they be removed at all, or something of that nature? As someone who wants to complete everything, it really is a kick in the face to see that i cannot get the Season 2 portraits again and still seeing it there.

If i find anything more, i will do my best to always post on here. Thanks! :smiley:

Shade and Bounty Hunter are also capable of one-shotting Skarrik on legend

it’s less a problem with the characters and more a problem of the boss being too fragile


Obviously for Saltz and Elgi its okay to do that, as it is for them to have DR and a range weapon, but a Kruber career simply is not allowed to come anywhere near their power level.

The 140 second timer starts when the map starts, not when you finish the first duty.

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  1. This boss is just too fragile in general.
  2. The challenge is to complete it within 140 seconds of starting the level. Try skittergate with tome and grim mission.
  3. I like this, it’s the only colour neutral helmet to go with all the colour schemes of the armour.
  4. No comment.
  5. Yeah, agree there.

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