Bring back voice filter on Ogryn beta helmet

Patch note 1.0.14 say “Ogryn Pre-Order Beta Helmet will no longer apply a voice filter effect”.

That was so fun!

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Because it doesn’t make sense…

It does. Helmet has acoustic, first.
Helmet covers ogryn’s ears, he cant hear himself and scream like mad.


It doesn’t. I don’t care what you think.

I’m in, please give us the option to use this voice via the surgeon / character editor.

When I had to pick my Ogryn’s voice pre-release, they were all awful. After a couple days, I realized he did sound different and AMAZING. Didn’t realize it was the helm, I sincerely thought Fatshark decided they wanted Ogryn to sound like the massive powerhouse he is. Got sad when I read it was a bug…

Please. Allow us to have that voice / voice filter on the character editor.

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