Bring back the Peril meter from the closed beta

Truly think the previous peril meter for psykers looked more aesthetically fitting and somewhat lore accurate to the game and would be better to change it back in a quick hotfix, just my lowly opinion though.

Peril Meter Closed Beta


Yeah I was sad that this meter was gone in the pre-purchase beta.

Its not a huge deal but I’d still like a UI settings toggle option to either have it on or off because I know there are some people who might not want that bar on their screen.

But I get why this wouldn’t be a huge priority right now.


Something to this extent would be a good idea, and agreed not a massive priority but thought I’d through it around as a suggestion to see if anyone else would agree and maybe a dev would see it passively.


I miss having a visual representation of how much Peril I have. Having played Sienna so much in VT2, I’m constantly converting numbers and color to “parts of the bar”. I’m slowly getting used to the new UI but I still think the old one was more effective st communicating the Peril amount at a glance.

I think a toggle for “Show Peril as: number/number+meter” would be really nice.


I would love the option to use old version of the Peril meter!


if you do bring the old peril meter back please make it optional as I personally prefer the new one.

I really disliked how the old one was in the center left of the screen, right in my horizontal line of sight. I also didn’t like how cluttered it was with a bar, and a number, and text that said “peril”, and a warning symbol, and another warning symbol which would appear center bottom of screen at high levels. Too much hud clutter for me.

Personally I prefer the streamlined new version, however it could be retro sci fied up a bit with the scan line texture that the old one had

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I feel ya there I also found that to be in the way a tad but I’d sacrifice it for the aesthetic, I’m more for a toggle with it being like a “minimalist” or “looks” switch somewhere in the options perhaps. I’d also be hecka down to see a combo like you mentioned too.

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definitely should be an option to return the UI to this one, i agree its better looking


I REALLY hate this new peril meter. Really need an option to go back to the old one. This one feels way more obtrusive and gaudy.


i’d like to be honest to add also a feedback, where you can have the option to disable the “help commands” you can see when you use the staves.

such R to Quell Peril
it’s kind a bit clutter.

there should be an option to disable the guide about commands in the UI.

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Also bring back the whole psyker from closed beta.
One can hope …

Anyway, in a general manner of speaking please tone down the UI of the psyker as a whole.
The whole screen on blue fire after 2 brain bursts is obnoxious as hell.

if we would have mod support, pretty much we could even bring the old psyker.

even the old force sword, how it worked originally with the long range push

I will love to see this back! i like how it looked vs the now, the old one felt like i was doing something about it while the new one just told me a number and that gets really old fast, unless you want just stare at the number, the old one felt like oh that how much i can do stuff before death and told me way way more info.