Brettonian Sword animation inconsistency

An animation inconsistency with Brettonian longsword.
Every heavy attack has a different stance in which the sword is held in a different manner depending on which heavy attack is being used.

The first heavy stance

The second heavy stance

The third heavy stance

There are 3 attacks that chain into the 3rd heavy but one of them uses the wrong stance.
Heavy 2 → heavy 3 & push attack → heavy 3 all have the correct animation except for…
light 2 → heavy 3, it uses the stance animation of heavy 1 despite the swing itself being heavy 3.


Also to piggyback off of this; the third person animations use his 1 handed sword swings. It looks pretty funny seeing this huge sword being used like that


While I’d also like the 3rd person animations to change, the sword itself is the same size as the Imperial Sword. (At least the base version, the Evengleam sword is a bit longer.)

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