Bots vs Supposedly Fixed Ladder at Empire in Flames

Patch 3.4 has brought us not only Engineer, but also various fixes, which include this one:

Though it isn’t stated which ladder was moved, but I suspect it is the very first ladder players encounter, because it has most numerous occasions of bots getting stuck.
Turns out, the fix doesn’t work properly, bots still can and will get stuck.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play Empire in Flames with bots.
  2. Get to the ladder.
  3. Dance around it a little bit.
  4. Watch the bots.

Here’s a small video of intimate relationships of Saltzpyre, the ladder, fire rat and my repeater handgun. There was also a hookrat (they are your best friends in these cases), but I killed it before realizing my mistake:
P.S. Why is it always Saltzpyre who gets into situations like this?

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