Bots in Chaos Wastes

Only Power? No properties/traits?

Hence in solo CW Expedition, should sacrifice random shrines (Seer’s Altar), instead increasing the Weapon’s Power as soon as possible?

This does not come out very rational, to be honest. In this case, it would be extremely useful to reduce the price of the weapon upgrade when the improvement occurs “stepwise”.

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Add a power that makes bots able to shoot, or even see, disablers before they catch someone. lol

Honestly, it feels like allowing disablers to catch someone before the bots react is a design decision at this point. In which case, it makes them completely horrible to play with on Cata+, because of the amount of enemies. The player has to instantly drop whatever they’re doing and go for disablers as soon as they spawn.

It also forces you to play with Special killing Ranged Weapons instead of anything else.


I have the EXACT opposite issue, whenever I’m taking aim at a special, the bots insta MLG 360 noscope them. Whenever I get pounced by a disabler, they completely ignore them

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Could you consider internally if it would be possible to apply the same buff to jonining players?
I think it would make a late join able to hold his own, without being OP.
If you think this could be exploited somehow, you could have newly joining players start with pre-set weapon rarity based on the current expedition step (white weapons for the first map, green for the second, etc, up to red weapons for the arena).

From what I’ve understood about the code, the average boost of coins you currently get from playing with THREE bots is under 1/4 extra. That’s maybe one or two extra upgrades across an entire run while having to play with bots who will spend most of their time dead and underpowered/underequipped. And that’s almost nothing compared to the 3 players worth of coins you can’t use for shrine blessings!

Considering the situation with bots in these crazy situations, they should really, really get a big boost to their survivability and ranged sniping power for an expedition. And by “boost” I mean not nerfing them like the player. Let them keep their max power, it’s not like bots will let anyone cheese or trivialize the game.


I totally agree. It is very bad that the bots are forcibly weakened, while they have a lot of technical problems, like a terrible script, which makes them chase Globadiers / Bligthstormers all over the map. Or the crazy thirst for bots to run to Ammo boxes after each shot.

The problems are compounded by new mods like ‘Exploding Skulls of Khorne’ or ‘Hexed by Nurgle’ that bots cannot avoid correctly.

Plus a sophisticated new maps design.

Plus the inability to control the consumption of medical supplies. Bots love to waste first aid kits, and I can’t give them proper Trait to prevent this.

@WhereIsBaoDur, I’m aware that a player joining mid-expedition is currently given extra Pilgrim’s Coins to help catch up, though I don’t know the exact specifics. I’ve passed feedback/suggestions on for discussion.



That’s good to know! I’ve always hosted them myself.
Can I also ask: what is the starting coins value in a subsequent expedition based upon?

Unspent Coins at death or success. 20 % of these will be your starting capital for the subsequent expedition. Disconnect will reset you to zero coins though.

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The same applies if I close the game and try one later, right?

Can I also ask: what is the starting coins value in a subsequent expedition based upon?

Starting Pilgrim’s Coins will be based on 20% of unspent coins from your previous expedition, win or lose, capped at 200 max. So, having 800+ Pilgrim’s Coins will start you off with the max of 200 for the next expedition.


Ah, just seen @Adelion has said as much above and beat me to it :grin:

Yeah… disconnecting can result in losing Pilgrim’s Coins. I’ve raised the issue internally, so we’ll look into what can be done :crossed_fingers:


Does the most recent patch from today have the bot power level change bass on host power level? It isn’t in the patch notes and was just curious based off this thread.

If I understood Lev right then this WAS already in the game before the patch and still is. So the reason it isn’t mentioned in the patch notes is because bots power up based on Host power level since the release of CW.

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Ah ok, I misunderstood then.

If this is the case then I think they need additional buffs such as more reduced damage from other aoe attacks (skull totems, blood tornadoes) or more hero power to help overcome how easily they get overwhelmed in the citadel.


So after a few more runs with bots it’s clear that they also need a massive damage reduction from blood tornadoes and pestilent clouds. The lightning bolt one was a good start but they’re incapable of staying clear of those AoEs.



Do you know if bots gain any of the boons, either by area completion or what the host picks up?

While power is great for bots hitting breakpoints (or not), because of bot behaviours and combat patterns, they’re not really much help for damage anyway, but they sorely need stamina regen, block cost reduction etc to help them stay alive (and these are generally seen as A+ rewards to go for anyway). It would be nice to know if they benefit from them.

That said, Kerillian HM bot still dies with 90% block cost reduction and crazy stamina regen due to bot incompetence anyway. But any little helps I guess.

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Blood tornados:
The Bot AI seem to activly try to remain inside the tornado.
The bots will literally stand in them and refuse to move to the player no matter how far away you run.

They’re not much better with exploding skulls, but at least they’ll kinda follow the player if they move.

Nothing makes me swear at the bots more than blood tornados
(also why do they deal no damage to other enemies, it feels like they’re the only environmental effect that does 0 damage to enemy units).


@Xanoth, I can confirm that they don’t currently.


Bots REALLY get no bonuses from map completion? But do they get the HP bonus from ‘Miracle of Grimnir’?

Look what I noticed in one of my screenshots.

I have + 20% HP from the “Miracle of Grimnir” and another + 20% HP from the bonus of completing one of the map.

At the same time, my bots clearly have one + 20% HP.

What effect does it have on them? (anyway, one pitiful + 20% HP is ABSOLUTELY not enough for solo Expedition even on a Champion! I still won’t risk to try CW on a Legend).

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