Bots don't help on lifting platforms

A Blackrat somehow managed to get past the invisible barrier after (!) I activated the platform and gave me a sneaky blow.
Bot just stood there motionless. Seems they’re aren’t programmed for any action on moving platforms (?). Don’t know if they heal though. They definitely don’t share potions, bombs, etc…and won’t help if you’re lucky enough to get downed while this platform moves.

On lifting platforms bots choose one corner each, and they are standing there as long as the platform is moving. then they wake up from hibernation. Try this on skitter, host, private and go down on the lifting platform. maybe they have claustrophobia and they freeze for the duration of the ride, idk.

Bots are strange animals, they want to kill flamethrowers with charged melee attacks even if the bot is pinned by it. Still keeps going towards the flamer charging up the weapon, and got rekt in a short period. Other: bots can dodge assassins. But, they are always grabbed by leeches. I didnt see a single time that a bot would dodge a leech’s projectile. Looks at the leech and waits for the grab if they are in a specific distance.

Bots definately need tweaking in my opinion, they need to be “smarter” a bit. Not too smart, just a little.


True. Never paid a lot of attention during elevator rides to bots/enemies, because I only saw it as a very short save zone where sometimes I only healed someone. This was the first time I got downed on a moving platform.
What I’m actually reporting here is the Blackrat somehow sneaking beyond the invisible barrier that deploys after the platform is activated. It stayed back on a different height level than the other enemies.

Also true. Not standing that often in my line of fire and running off on foot to catch every kind of special would be very appreciated! The rest is almost manageable, if you pay double the attention imo. Fortunately we know what bots are capable of, and what not.
But I don’t want to start another discussion about bots, since there are/were so many already…

As a feedback I would like to leave the suggestion that bots were able to interact (they’re obviously not programmed for anything in this case) during an elevator ride. Heal, give potions/bombs and being able to revive --> It actually isn’t a big deal, since it happens almost never…but better safe than sorry.


The bots are just insanely bad, this has been a pet peeve of mine since the first game. At least then we had more mods that made them usable. Only one of those got sanctioned in VT2, unfortunately. Can’t understand that choice, since FS also won’t fix these issues.

If they do bring all the Drachenfels maps back, I cringe to think of how they’ll all be killing themselves on Summoner’s Peak. That map was particularly bad for them in the first game.

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Oh my…yes. Forgot about “uneven terrain”…The short passage on Halescourge near the grim is truly a cliffhanger fest. Summoner’s Peak could be way worse!!
It’s time to practice true solo ;)!

Bots behaviour seems to be programmed (at least tried to) to imitate real players. Sometimes they slip, make bad decisions, etc…but no regular players are that clumsy to slip always at the same spots.
And by now we know about those spots and are able to avoid them.
In other threads it was discussed, that buffing bots crosses a thin line in balance. I totally understand this, and wouldn’t want them to be overpowered.

BUT Fixing “only”:

  • permantently standing in line of fire (so many bots killed by me ;))
  • not running off on foot to kill certain specials while not even low on ammo
  • a sip of healing on elevator rides --> at least normal interactive behaviour (@Ngyuree maybe bots really have anxiety towards liftrides ;)!
  • weeding out those severe cliffhangers (Halescourge collapsing buildings/grim location; Brachsenbrücke on the left side shortly before entering the fort --> if you don’t avoid this area, all bots manage to hang there, and even you sometimes because this spot draws you magically from a distance to a hanging position…; Festering Grounds after you cross the bridge; a couple spots on the start of Skittergate; and so on to only name a few…)
    It wouldn’t interrupt or enhance gameplay that much if those points get a “buff”. It doens’t completely disturb the games balance and overpower bots!!! It makes it playable!

The game lives off of it’s situational decision making based on what it throws at you to make those playthroughs diverse and “unique”. But if bots don’t manage the same routes all over again and again, you are forced to stick to the same paths which is truly a counter to the game’s intend of trying to be diverse!

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so many to fix, i hope they will get it in time

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