Bots can't navigate over this bridge in Cinder Peak

I died earlier in the map (amazing bug actually, catch rat missed me, ran off, then 5 seconds later my body got ragdolled around like I’d been grabbed and promptly dumped into the lava, host perspective confirmed I was not grabbed. Unfortunately, I wasn’t recording that part), I respawned on this ledge over the small bridge we’re facing.

After being revived the bot was unable to join us and was effectively trapped on a small bridge over the lava.

Is it even called Cinder Peak? I’m doubting myself now…

It also clearly demonstrates the well known dead horse of a problem where bots will casually stand in ground effects that they should move out of (that also killed the other bot before this clip started).

Actual bug report:

Area of terrain on Cinder Peak can not be traversed by bots.
The bridge is too narrow and prevents them from being able to path over it, leaving them stuck.

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