Bots Always Stuck in Same Places

I have observed that the bots consistently get stuck in certain places:

  1. Hunger in the Dark - Stuck on ladder for platform where 1st grimoire is. This only happens if I lead the bots down the ladder after collecting the grimoire.

  1. Halescourge - Stuck against furniture in building near the big wooden gates. This can happen in both directions. Could be avoided if the furniture were to be shifted such that bots can pass thru between the furniture and the arch support on the outer side.

  1. Halescourge - After jumping down to the street during the escape, often 1 bot becomes comatose.

  1. Screaming Bell - Stuck on wide ledge of building where one has to go to the top floor, then jump and follow the ledges to the other side where the 2nd book is.


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